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CBD – is it legal?


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 The legal THC limit for growing industrial hemp is 0.2%. Anything above 0.2% and the plant is classed as Cannabis (remember our rebellious older sibling). Hence why our Cannabis comes from Colorado – a UK growing license is hard to obtain (watch this space.)


We lab test each batch of our oils for precise measurements.

You can sleep easy knowing every Luna & Leaf bottle contains less than 1mg of THC.


Luna and Leaf products are

natural, safe, effective and most importantly, legal.


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Hemp extract is the stuff extracted from the Hemp plant itself and contains Cannabidiol (CBD). It contains minerals, like iron, zinc, and potassium. It also contains Vitamin E as well as Omega 3 fatty acids and essential antioxidants.

Cannabinoids occur naturally in the cannabis and hemp plants.  Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid and the main component of hemp with many beneficial properties. THC is another cannabinoid example which is known for it’s psychoactive effects. THC is only found in trace amounts in hemp extract.

THC is entirely legal to use under current UK laws providing it is under <1mg THC / product. 

UK law prohibits us from making health claims, but there is evidence and research to support the use of hemp products as a remedy for general wellbeing and to treat a range of health conditions.

Both CBD and THC are chemically similar to your body’s own endocannabinoids. This allows them to interact with your cannabinoid receptors. Many people are using CBD oil for sleep and wellness.

CBD and THC have many of the same medical benefits. They can provide relief from several of the same conditions.

In June 2018, the Food and Drug Administration (US) approved Trusted Source Epidiolex, the first prescription medication to contain CBD. It’s used to treat rare, difficult-to-control forms of epilepsy.

Cannabidiol is used to help with other various conditions, such as:

THC is used to help with conditions such as:

Yes. Hemp is very good for the environment. It requires very little watering, produces higher amounts of oxygen than trees and has huge benefits for the soil quality.