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CBD Explained

First and foremost – what is CBD? 

CBD is short for ‘Cannabidiol’, a compound found in both the Hemp and Cannabis plants.  


 Hemp and Cannabis are two different plants. Like siblings, they’re similar by nature but very different. 

Cannabis is the rebellious older sibling.


Discovered thousands of years ago for its medicinal & recreational benefits, Cannabis has low levels of CBD & was made illegal in the 70s. 


Hemp is the sensible younger sibling – legal and farmed worldwide for its high levels of CBD. 

In our eyes, CBD is a pure gift from mother nature. 

Body & Mind

CBD – What do we know?


With thousands of weird and wonderful things going on inside, we need a happy & balanced body for everything to work. 

The key player in this balancing act is the ‘endocannabinoid system, which has the mammoth task of regulating our sleep, mood and digestion.


Cue our sensible sibling Hemp – the CBD extracted from Hemp plants is an ally to the endocannabinoid system.


In short, they fit together perfectly. 

So by ingesting organic CBD oils, you give your endocannabinoid system a helping hand.


Your mind & body can be more balanced with better quality sleep, anxiety relief and reduced pain & inflammation. 


We trust in the power of natural remedies for our wellbeing. 

With 16 million UK adults suffering from regular sleep issues, we believe that CBD could be the hemp-infused hug we all need.

Air & Soil

Hemp sustainability facts


The benefits of Hemp are boundless. 


More Hemp fields means more oxygen.


Hemp is a natural air purifier cleaning higher amounts of carbon from the atmosphere than trees do.


Hemp is able to survive with very little water, whilst simultaneously nourishing the earths soils. 


Quality soil means happy farmers and more crops. 


Our quest is simple – we can support your wellbeing and save the planet at the same time.

Extraction Process

CBD quality by extraction 


When extracting CBD we don’t cut any corners, favouring ethanol extraction which ensures quality and purity.

How does it work? 


We soak the Hemp plants in ethanol to extract all the goodness, then the ethanol is evaporated and we’re left with 99% pure whole plant extract. 


All products we use are of the highest grade possible which means we pass all legal standards with flying colours.


With Luna & Leaf everything is organic. We want your Hemp to travel from leaf to bottle and remain in its purest glory – no nasties.

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