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CBD Story Luna And Leaf

CBD Story Luna And Leaf

CBD oil is natures generous gift, and we honour the CBD story, from leaf to bottle. 

The CBD story starts with a Hemp plant. CBD oil is the hemp extract which transforms your sleep – pure and simple.

Luna & Leaf believe in that simplicity. We’re horticulturists, and our CBD story started in the lush green fields of Yorkshire. We have experienced living at one with nature, breathing oxygen from the trees, farming by the lunar cycles and healing from home-grown foods and herbs. Nature is humanities biggest healer.

Let Luna & Leaf show you how.

CBD Story Luna and Leaf

The Journey So Far

We have located the highest quality CBD oil from the Hemp fields of Colorado. Nature has provided the goods and we’ve made them available with 100% safety and transparency. We know every ingredient comes from certified organic soil, only the best ingredients for your body.

Coconut oil is the high-fat ingredient that helps your body absorb the CBD easily and a great taste to boot.  Are you one of the 67% of adults suffering from disrupted sleep? Then there’s never been a better time to give it a go. For less than the price of a cup of coffee a day, your body can feel truly balanced. For you, this means higher quality sleep, reduced anxiety and anti-inflammatory pain relief.

CBD story Luna and Leaf

The Future

Luna & Leaf founder Ed Haynes has an innovative vision for the future. Ed spent his youth climbing trees and exploring fields. He now wants to build and plant his own Organic Hemp fields right here in the UK. Ed’s vision is for the future HQ of Luna and Leaf to be surrounded by homegrown organic Hemp. To realise that vision means refining the journey from leaf to bottle. In doing so, we will contribute to the restoration of soil quality in the UK. CBD enhances the soil quality as well as your sleep; thus, the cycle is complete. You receive Mother natures gift, and her soils are nourished in return.

With your support, we can research new CBD infused products for your wellbeing and pave the way to a more sustainably inspired future together.

Simple Honest Organic

Organic CBD #sleepisyoursuperpower

Luna and Leaf use premium CBD Oils from naturally organic fields and plants in Colorado. We happen to think the guys in Colorado are the leading producers of organic Hemp in the world so far. 

The soils are nutrient rich; the plants are pesticide and metal free. Our products are vegan & gluten free.

Sustainable Farming

Sustainable agriculture depletes neither soil nor people.

As friends of the earth state, we must “ learn from farmers in the UK and abroad who are cutting their emissions, restoring their soils and protecting their local ecosystems.”

If we all follow this simple mantra, then the future of organic hemp farming is bright.


We’re not perfect yet, but we’re working on it. As a small, emerging, independent company, we are trying our best to live by a sustainable set of values and processes from the get-go.

If you have any suggestions on how we can be a more environmentally sustainable business we would love to hear from you.