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Green Gin

Are the flowers that used to steal our attention becoming a more permanent and taken for granted feature? Day in, day out – as we routinely brush pass them to take the washing out.

Are your days a mixture of scenes from Big Brother (the reality TV programme) and Ground Hog Day, that 1993 classic starring Bill Murray and Andi MacDowell?

My attention has been drawn to the loyal, textured support acts waiting in the wings. Not a flower this time – but a colour – Green

The Green Gin

The Vessel

The greens in our lives and gardens, the fresh spring growth, the foliage that offsets the buoyant peonies, the military might of the Aquilegias or soft touch of the Artemisia. In this article I wanted to give some recognition to the colour Green.

Green, the mixture of blue and yellow, can be seen everywhere and in countless shades. In fact, the human eye sees green better than any colour in the spectrum.

Some Ice age facts

Humans are trichromats, meaning we perceive three primary colours: blue, green and red. The retina in a human eye can detect light between wavelengths of 400 and 700 nanometres, a range known as the visible spectrum. In the middle of the spectrum resides the colour green, at around 555 nanometres Who knew?

A Slice of History

As humans scavenged for food, instead of a delivery slot, the ability to differentiate between coloured berries against the backdrop of green foliage was critical for survival.

Colour changes in leaves, fruits and vegetables can indicate age or ripeness and even offer a warning that something may be poisonous or rotten.

The Tonic of Creation

Today, a large selection of society fixates on the colours, the shiny things that grab our attention. Yet it is our ancestral instinct that draws us to the delights of pluming ripe Junipers, the blossom of an Apple tree or the structure of Taxus or Buxus .

All, I might add, would have no recognition without the punchy, powerful and persistent shades of green. Stay safe, stay hydrated – Ed x

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