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Could CBD Oil help me & my whole family?

Having worked part-time in a café in Stamford for the last few months, I appreciate it more and more each day as an essential social hub of activity for our local community. People sharing ideas, old and new connections, laughter; this communication and interaction keeps us alive and kicking, especially when life hasn’t been plane-sailing recently. I talk to so many people every day, giving and receiving all kinds of life advice, not only have I learnt a lot, it’s also helped me clarify what I’m here to do and that’s guide and educate on people’s wellbeing, encouraging a holistic approach to our lifestyles – that’s what I’m really passionate about.

I’ve always been fascinated by the mind, body, and soul connection and how we can incorporate simple, natural healing herbs, plants, rituals anything that aligns with us individually to just help us feel… good and consistently good. I know we all truly deserve that. I’m studying naturopathic nutrition and love researching and understanding what works or doesn’t work, for people’s health. Luckily I get to connect with so many interesting people doing great things in the coffee house every day and became excited to discuss all things CBD, wellbeing, health, nature, herbs & sleep themed… with Ed ( founder of ) as he ordered his coffees every day. This is where the magic happens, in the most normal of settings I believe the most transformative situations can occur… I was searching for a reliable, simple, and honest CBD oil to investigate and incorporate into daily living and it just so happens that Ed’s company Luna & Leaf offers just that.

I started taking the 10% CBD oil every evening before bed, being on my feet all day serving coffee or giving reiki treatments – I have aches and pains, stiff muscles plus I can be a sponge for taking on peoples energy & ailments and generally find it hard to physically let go of tension. This is the first thing I noticed when taking CBD oil, no matter how stressed I was feeling in my head, I could physically and mentally let go of worry and sleep peacefully. Actually, I thought I slept pretty well before I started taking it, then I started noticing how I would wake up in the same position – I hadn’t even moved which is totally new for me!

I’ve taken CBD oil before but not consistently and I hadn’t seen the benefits until recently. After a few weeks, I started waking up earlier and with more energy than usual, it just reiterated for me how crucial good quality sleep is for our mental and physical wellbeing. Living in an over-stimulating society where we are rarely encouraged to switch off, we struggle to sleep no matter how exhausted we are – our bedtime ritual should be the most sacred time. After such a positive personal experience, I wanted to share this with everyone I knew so they could transform their own bedtime ritual, add some CBD oil in the mix & experience this feeling of calm and serenity.

My parents are now both taking the 10% oil, it works wonders for them in different ways. Its anti-inflammatory properties have helped my dad’s arthritis as a powerful pain-relief for his aching bones. For my mum’s racing mind and interrupted sleep pattern, her 3 am anxious wake-ups are a thing of the past and she has a more restorative sleep overall – I’ve even got 87-year-old granny involved in this positive wave of wellbeing!

Whether or not you believe in divine timing, there’s a lot to be said for being in the right place at the right time. By forming connections with like-minded souls in the coffee house, I’ve found an authentic brand in luna & leaf that aligns with my values of helping people to ultimately feel the best they possibly can, with a little help from mother nature.

Get in touch if you would like to know more about my experience and have your own. Click on the link below – Until Next time Laura Evans

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