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clarity & calm

Five Minute Meditations-The launch of an exciting new project

clarity & calm

Five-minute meditations 

Five-minute meditations are a popular way to deal with anxiety, increase sleep quality, and recharge the brain. There is no denying we have all been plunged into a new paradigm since COVID. Could five-minute meditations help you to bring balance to your day? We think so. In fact, we have produced a series of meditation videos that allow anyone to access a state of peace and relaxation at any time.     

There are various styles of meditation and just as many gurus who will passionately advocate their chosen style. Luna & Leaf, five-minute meditations take a very simple approach to a broad and complex practice. Our aim is to provide you with a low-impact, enjoyable way of finding a quiet space for your body and mind.

To mark the launch of our new YouTube Channel, we have put together a handy article to help you get the most out of a five-minute meditation. Read on to discover about five-minute meditations and find links to the first three videos. 

Or you can go straight to the YouTube Channel here.  

Are Five-minute meditations effective?

The simple answer is yes; if you regularly make space for a five-minute meditation, then you will benefit. You don’t have to be a meditation expert, nor do you have to be spiritually minded. Five-minute meditations are for those moments when your thoughts are racing, your anxiety is high, or you cannot sleep. Think of five-minute meditations as a quick pit stop rather than a full service.

What are the main types of meditation?


Mindfulness is an easy concept to grasp. This practice allows you to become fully present at any given moment. There are so many distractions in our modern world. Technology, the pressures of daily living, the pace of modern urban living and the expectations of our society all contribute to distraction. It is easy to find yourself travelling through your day on autopilot. We can spend a large proportion of our time mentally disconnected from whatever it is we are doing.

Mindfulness is the process of fully reconnecting with ourselves and those tasks that make up our daily routines. By being fully present in any given moment, we can avoid the stresses and anxieties that build up subconsciously throughout our day. Feelings of overwhelm and panic are demonstrably reduced when we connect fully with any given moment. 

Maybe you have found yourself carrying out a regular task or domestic chore with your mind on other things? Mindfulness allows you to be fully present at any given moment. When mindful you are connecting with the reality of a moment rather than existing in a projected world. of anxiety (often related to our perception of the future) or depression (usually associated with the past). 

Daily practice of mindfulness techniques may contribute to a healthy brain. Some peer-reviewed scholars suggest that daily Mindfulness can have a positive effect on the way in which our neurons develop. In other words, Mindfulness can help rewire our brains to work more efficiently and effectively.  

To summarise, Mindfulness is all about being in the moment. You can find out more about Mindfulness on the popular Headspace website.

Spiritual Meditation

As the name suggests, this type of meditation sets out to help you connect with a higher power. Spiritual meditation has been a part of human culture for millennia. Eastern religions are often based around the concepts of spiritual meditation, and those practising seek to access a deeper level of connection with the universe. 

While religion and spirituality are two different things, some may confuse the practice of spiritual meditation with the idea of being in a given religion. Spiritual meditation is a tool that is used by many denominations. Through regular, deep meditation, many are able to find a connection with their idea of God and reach a more enlightened state of being. 

You can read more about spiritual meditation here. 

Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental meditation takes the concept of spiritual meditation one step further. Those practising transcendental meditation may seek to access different dimensions and higher states of consciousness. It is believed that successful transcendental practitioners achieve out of body experiences, visitations from beings and the ability to remote view over vast distances. Some have claimed that they have travelled to other worlds and parallel universes. 

There is a fascinating article on transcendental meditation and how scientists are starting to perceive the practice here.

Which category does a five-minute meditation belong to?

Five-minute meditations are closer to the concept of Mindfulness than they to those who seek to connect with other worlds. A five-minute meditation is a quick and effective way to create a personal space in which you can gain control over your emotional state. 

This simplistic approach makes a five-minute meditation the ideal tool for those who experience moments of anxiety and increased stress. Using a five-minute meditation at the right moment can contribute to a more balanced and productive mental state. This makes the practice a highly effective way of setting up your day or preparing you for better quality sleep. Five-minute meditations are low impact, and therefore many find them easier to implement regularly.  

How do you carry out a 5-minute mindfulness meditation?

  1. Find a quiet and comfortable space
  2. Take a few moments to breathe deeply and feel your body. 
  3. Use quality headphones to help you create your personal space
  4. Start your meditation track and maintain your breathing, consciously relaxing with every deep breath.

Luna and leaf five-minute meditations

Luna & Leaf has set out to produce high-quality audio tracks which you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. The purpose of our series of meditations is to quiet the mind and be more present. We do not use guided” “meditations, so there is no dialogue or script. We have created sound palettes that use binaural recordings and well-produced musical elements to create a peaceful space.

Our productions are found on our YouTube channel. The first three are available now. Read on to find out more. 


“Morning” is lovingly produced to evoke feelings of calm, hopefulness and inspiration. Our morning meditation provides you with the perfect space to set up your day and is built around a binaural recording of a dawn chorus. 

You can find “Morning” here.


“Sunset” “is designed to clear your mind of the day’s anxieties and stress. This beautiful piece will help you transition from your working day and into your higher self and uses a binaural recording of waves lapping a remote shore.

You can find “Sunset” here.

Night time 

“Night time” will prepare you for dream time, bringing magical elements of calm and mystique. Night-time brings you the perfect space to exit your day. Cicadas add an element of white noise, and so night-time can benefit you if you are struggling to sleep or are waking up regularly throughout the night. 

You can find “Night Time” here.

Upcoming Five-minute meditations

Luna & Leaf has commissioned three more five-minute meditations with specific goals in mind. Rest, routine and rejuvenate are three states which we believe contribute to a better quality of life. These three states are part of the mission statement for our CBD oils, and so to celebrate them, we have new audio tracks coming. 

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Until next time…

Luna & Leaf

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